Effective communicating in the Cyber Age.


Social media outreach and advertising are at the same time the most misunderstood, overhyped and under-utilized communications tool.

Social media is misunderstood because you simply can't consider advertising on Facebook, Google or Twitter in the same way you consider radio, TV or print advertising. The specificity and metrics of targeting in social media can be a 3-D chess game. Still, no matter how smart you are, the hard work of creating content and maximizing engagement are king and queen. So, as the rules of chess go if you lose your king and queen early you're in trouble. 

Social media is overhyped in the same way as karaoke. Anyone can sing along to the lyrics but unless you have some natural talent, you're not going to be very good. So it's not advisable to hire a social media professional with a cookie cutter approach. It takes a lot of hard hours to understand exactly what works to meet your social media goals. 

Social media is under-utilized because the real value of social media mirrors the actual way people use social media. In other words, crafting a Brand using social media is creating intelligent, witty, and consistent content for people to explore as they browse. Some people don't get that or are unable to provide content in such a creative and consistent manner–we do and can!