Centaur North has helped advocate for some of California's most complex public policy issues.


Centaur North Strategies is a multidimensional communications, public and governmental affairs firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Our agency serves diverse clients including political candidates, initiative committees, public interest groups, public agencies, businesses and individuals. Centaur North, which was founded by Leo Briones in 1996, has helped its clients in both mainstream marketing and Spanish-language outreach.

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Centaur North has a wide swath of experience across California. The firm has provided services—and built coalitions—for clients in virtually every county in the state. Centaur North has successfully assisted in the passage of numerous statewide and local initiatives as well as electing candidates to Congress, the State Assembly, State Senate, and local county supervisor and city council districts.

Over the past few political cycles, Centaur North is proud to have provided general consulting and media services for several bell weather campaigns—each tough and well-fought victories. And, each rooted in efforts to reform local and state government.

  • Proposition 39. The initiative created a well-crafted and well-funded mechanism to convert the energy infrastructure of California's public schools from old and inefficient to new and sustainable.
  • District Attorney Jeff Rosen’s election victory marked the first time an incumbent D.A. was ousted in 50 years in Santa Clara County. Today, Mr. Rosen is leading efforts to reform CA's criminal justice system. 
  • The Bell Police Officers’ Association’s campaign helped save their department and reform their city in the midst of the one of the worst corruption scandals in modern history.
  • Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia’s campaign was one of the great political upsets in recent California history. Garcia was outspent by a 9-1 margin, yet finished as the top Democrat and going on to win the General Election in a landslide. She is now in her second of six terms in Sacramento. 
  • Created mentalhealthjustice.net. The innovative mental health advocacy project has helped organize, engage and mobilize an online community of more than six-thousand (and growing) active members and reached nearly 1/2 million individuals in less than three-months. 
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Centaur North has also helped orchestrate the passage of several California statewide ballot initiatives and legislation including measures to:

  • Protect the growing solar power industry from antagonistic legislation and expand California's renewable portfolio regulations.   
  • Protect landmark climate change legislation.
  • Establish Self-Reliance for California native tribes.
  • Establish the nation’s largest stem cell research effort. 
  • Help California secure significant revenue for education, healthcare and public safety.
  • Protect California’s air, water and land resources.

Centaur North is a pioneer in establishing the “ Latino Bump” as California’s key swing vote. Centaur North was instrumental in working with then Senator Richard Polanco, then Chair of the California Caucus, to expand the Latino Caucus from six members to more than twenty. Centaur North also managed the campaigns that bumped voter turnout and established California as a Blue State in 1998—and staved off a Red State wave in 2010— through innovative bilingual direct mail and television programs to a statewide audience. Centaur also played a key role in the 2012 reelection of President Barrack Obama in the swing state of Nevada.

Our firm has also worked public agencies and non-profits, most notably the Metropolitan Water District, to conduct research and establish a framework for the marketing of water conservation programs to young people. Additionally, we have worked environmental organizations such as the Ocean Conservancy, the Resource Legacy Fund and Wildcoast to help establish Marine Protected Areas across California’s coastline and oceans.