The following is a short proposal detailing the six-month scope of service to be provided by Centaur North for District Attorney Jeff Rosen.

Broadly, the proposal aims to establish a statewide brand among progressive Democratic for District Attorney Rosen. These efforts are aimed at expanding Mr. Rosen's name recognition in anticipation of a potential 2018 candidacy for CA Attorney General.

Specifically, the program's tactics will include creating a message driven website, establishing a robust Facebook Page, expanding Mr. Rosen's Twitter presence and assisting with political outreach including introducing Mr. Rosen to possible funders and/or assisting with relationship building related to Mr. Rosen political efforts to help elect current Attorney General candidate Kamala Harris to the United States Senate. 


We all know intuitively that it's a myth that Barack Obama was the first president to get elected via the Internet.  That would be like saying Kennedy beat Nixon because of color television. While the Internet and social media certainly helped elect President Obama in 2008 those efforts like everything else in politics were only part of the equation. The truth is that social media has become a tool with variable marketing purposes. One could look at it this way:

The website is                (The new walk piece)

Email blasts                   (The new fundraising letter and political gossip)

The smart phone is         (The new remittance envelope)

A Facebook Page           (The new billboard and direct mail)

Twitter                           (The new word of mouth buzz and earned media outreach)

Fortunately, all these new media tools are significantly cheaper than the old media tools and can reach a lot of people.

To provide context in terms of the utility of new media tools one needs to look at the website as essentially a repository for messaging information and a convenient tool for fundraising. One should not consider them as interactive social tools. Those tools are FB pages and an active Twitter site.

Twitter's function is powerful but narrow. People often misunderstand it's use and become frustrated with their results. Basically, Twitter is a tool to communicate with VIPs but more importantly a means of communicating with news reporters who cover your particular issue. In other words, it's more important who follows you on Twitter and not how many people, 

The big kahuna of a social media program is a creatively and intelligently managed Facebook page. Through FB you have the ability to micro-target coveted political audiences. Targeting those audiences necessitates a program that provides consistent content and hands-on management of the FB Page in order to stimulate engagement from that audience.

As we said, the website is essentially a repository of content that can help provide content to the FB Page. For instance, in addition to your biographical and track record information we can store messaging banners and video content on the website for those who wish to dig deeper into the Jeff Rosen story. But the real power of FB Pages is to constantly provide content to those who have LIKED your page. 

Here's an example of a Rosen banner we would display on the page:


Okay, perhaps you just asked, "Yeah but how do we get people to like the page." Actually, that process is very similar to creating targeted direct mail.

     1) You create content either a banner ad, a video or a BLOG post.

     2) Then you use FB targeting tools to advertise to your specified target. For instance:

            CA, Democrats, Progressive, Criminal Justice Reform, Diversion programs

     3) We dedicate a modest budget to each post and that will generate engagement and page likes.

     4) We use FB Page LIKE promotion tool and dedicate a modest daily budget. At the inception of the program, we test several promotion banners to see which works best.

     5) We gather databases from existing friends and constituency groups and email blast those people to ask them to join your page or ask them to promote your site on their FB page.

Twitter is a tool that promotes your FB Page content, promotes timely Santa Clara County Public Safety News, or other content we find newsworthy. We will target local and national news reporters, public safety VIPs and CA elected officials. 

Additionally, we would like to consider conducting some political research sometime after March. There are many new means of research and focus groups through the Internet, which make that research more cost effective. I have asked FM3 to put together a research proposal. 

Calendar of services


Branding/ Political discussion

Develop website and set launch date for mid-late January

Develop databases and organize other elements of FB/website/Twitter launch

Outreach to Los Angeles area potential political allies and donors


Continued management of FB/Twitter/BLOG


Continued management of FB/Twitter/BLOG

Launch of Kamala Harris endorsement campaign during absentee ballot period


Fixed costs

Website design and development                      7k

Photography                                                    1,500

Potential research                                            7-12k

Monthly costs

5-month FB boost program ads                         2,500

5-month FB PAGE LIKE program                         10,000

Centaur North Firm Fee

January-February                                             5k monthly (10k)

March-June                                                      2,500 (20k)