Your brand is who others say you are. 

Whether you are an elected or appointed official, a non-profit executive, an entrepreneur or the head of a charitable Foundation– your brand and success depends on how others perceive you, your organization, and your message. Centaur North has nearly two decades of experience helping parties develop communications strategies to promote their issues and maximize their all-important brand. 

Make sure you know what they're thinking before you say what you're thinking.

Any time you want to sell anything from a product to an idea, a smart purveyor should have a clear idea about the attitudes of their audience. That's why Centaur North's strategy team strongly believes in conducting research, focus groups and public surveys for any project where public or political opinions need to be swayed. We have worked with some of the best and most innovative researchers in the nation and will add them to your strategic team. 


Initiatives and issue advocacy campaigns.

Centaur North has broad experience selling issues and public policies to California voters. From statewide initiatives and bonds, countywide measures, and local city and school board bonds–our services include overall strategy development, research and polling, coalition building, websites, New Media and TV, direct mail and radio advertising.  

Candidate campaigns.

As general consultants, we manage city and county, state assembly and senate, congressional and California statewide campaigns. Our services include over all strategy, earned and crisis media, direct mail, radio, new media and television advertising. We also partner with direct voter-to-voter outreach professionals when a strong grassroots efforts are needed.

We'll guide you through the crisis.  

A crisis is an unplanned event that causes disruption to the brand of your organization, company, political office, NGO or non-profit.  Every crisis has a unique flavor and cause. However,  a neutral third-party public affairs professional, not emotionally connected to the situation can be the key to mitigating damage.

Centaur North has has years of experience guiding clients through the land mines and tense moments of dealing with a crisis.  We will manage the media in order to ensure the they report your story in a  clear and truthful manner. We have years of experience dealing with reporters across California and nationally. We can help you avoid your situation turning from a temporary crisis to a professional tragedy. 

The sustainable economy is about land,air and water.

Centaur North has unique experience building relationships with the public agencies, the elected officials, the NGOs and the individuals interested in preserving and managing California's natural resources. So, whether you are a philanthropist looking to preserve land or a farmer interested in the value of your water rights, Centaur North can help you put the pieces together.